COVID-19 Cleaning Service


Coronavirus Deep Cleaning Services

We are specialists in decontamination cleaning, supporting the disinfection of premises due to Coronavirus.

Our specialist COVID deep clean; is carried out to the highest recommended standards. Complying with the safety guidelines as detailed by Public Health England.

Our sanitation process adheres to the industry guidelines to prevent further spreads of COVID-19.

During the Coronavirus outbreak the importance of maintaining standards of hygiene and cleanliness has been key. Especially to those who have a duty of care, such as Employers and Business owners, Health and Education providers and Government institutions.

Domestic COVID-19 Deep Clean

We carry out clinical grade decontamination cleaning to domestic properties with minimal intrusion following exposure to viruses and infections such as the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Our Covid – 19 fogging service and or our deep clean service will leave your home safe to re occupy, and allay all the concerns of other users.

For further peace of mind and compliance, we also issue a certificate of works confirming our decontamination process has been undertaken as part of our comprehensive service.

Please allow for at least one hour after our departure before re entry, and also open windows for 10 minutes or so to allow for fresh air circulation.

Commercial COVID-19 Deep Clean

Our trained cleaning experts carry out Coronavirus decontamination cleaning and sanitation using fogging to destroy all traces of the virus.

Areas are deep cleaned by our trained professionals wearing sterile disposable overalls, masks, gloves and protective footwear.

After cleaning with sterilising chemicals, the areas are then fogged using our specialist fogging machine.

Our Coronavirus deep cleaning services can be performed across a number of commercial sites including:

• Hospitals
• Schools
• Shops and commercial properties
• Offices
• Gyms
• Hotels and Guest Houses
• Homes and flats


The best way to stay safe and to prevent the virus from spreading is by keeping yourself and your premises clean. This is why it is all the more important right now to arrange for regular deep cleans to be carried out.

We would recommend that all construction sites and workplaces have at least one initial, thorough deep clean carried out as an absolute minimum. It is much easier for a cleaning team to maintain premises that have already been deep cleaned.

This works out as a much more cost-effective solution in the long-term.

Proactive deep cleaning and Reactive deep cleaning services can be undertaken in a variety of environments. Ranging from domestic houses to commercial offices and industrial premises, as well as the retail, education, and public sectors.

To stay ahead of the curve we recommend an initial precautionary deep clean to be carried out. That is instead of waiting for the event of a Coronavirus outbreak to occur within your organisation or home.

After all, prevention is better than cure!

Fogging Deep Cleaning Service For COVID-19

Fogging is a highly effective process of deep cleaning difficult to reach spaces and areas with porous surfaces. These areas can harbour viruses and bacteria, such as tiled ceilings, carpets, soft furnishings, upholstery and children’s play areas.

Tests show that fogging techniques are very effective against Coronavirus/COVID-19 and other viruses. All of Total Clean’s deep cleaning work complies with Health & Safety Regulations.

Our mechanical fogging service ensures total coverage of the area, domestic or commercial. This is achieved by using specialist machinery that produces a fine mist which suspends the sterilising fluid in the air.

This not only kills airborne pathogens but also kills those on all surfaces in the fogged area, including those not reached by conventional cleaning methods.

Dispersion rate and strength of sterilising agents are controlled and adjusted as required.

The fogging process can take just a few minutes depending on the size of the area, although the treated area must be sealed-off for at least an hour or more after treatment to allow the mist to fully disperse.

What Is Included In Our COVID-19 Deep Clean?

  • A thorough deep clean of the entire premises from top to bottom
  • Sanitising and disinfecting of all areas and surfaces, substrates, fixtures, fittings, furniture, doors, door handles, till points, cashier desks, switches, sockets, handrails, banisters, doors, tables/desks, toilets, staff kitchen and breakout areas, offices, staff rooms, meeting rooms
  • Special attention to touchpoints and high-risk areas
  • Vacuuming of all flooring
  • Professional clean of hard flooring with rotary/buffer machine
  • Mopping of hard flooring with a disinfectant product
  • Washing all carpets with a disinfectant product
  • Subject to the individual client’s required scope, our Coronavirus deep cleaning can also involve window cleaning, high-level cleaning, pressure cleaning, steam cleaning, wall cleaning and more
  • DCS is Environmental Agency registered waste carriers and so any potentially hazardous waste can also be removed from the site
  • For environments where there has been a suspected Coronavirus case, all materials and PPE will be immediately disposed of on completion of the clean, as per Government guidelines
  • Precautionary deep cleans to construction sites (cabins, welfare areas, etc), workplace premises and schools are offered on a flexible basis, with no fixed contracts due to current uncertain circumstances
  • Fair pricing, despite the increasing difficulty of sourcing disinfectant products and PPE, we are still doing our best to provide our service at competitive rates
  • Full provision of our own cleaning equipment, products and PPE
  • Competent, trained and experienced teams of cleaners
  • Full site-specific and task-specific RAMS, COSHH assessments and data sheets supplied

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